Digital Detox Workshop by

 Mahes Karuppiah-Quillen N.D.


Tech Expertise: Naturopath/Nutritionist with speciality in Adrenal Exhaustion, Stress Management, Sleep Management, Digital Detox, Brain Health & Plasticity, Happiness, Laughter Wellness, background Psychology

Must attend 60 minutes Session:

  • Awareness on Effects of Digital Addiction and Mental Health

  • Tech Addiction and Quality of Life

  • Smartphones and Cognitive Performance

  • Falling Attention Span Tech Addiction Reality

  • Realise How (dis) Connected You Are

  • Learn Signs that you May Be a Tech Addict

  • Side Effects of Tech Addiction

  • Learn Preventive Ways to Fix/Manage Addiction 


Contact to book:

M: 0431 166 002