At your workplace | Victoria/Interstate/International

Office-specific Laughter Therapy workshop (1 hour).

Laughter Therapy is a global phenomenon for Workplace Health, Wealth & Happiness being successfully practised in over 100 countries. It is a powerful natural holistic tool helping Corporates create a happy, positive, energetic work culture based on Positive Psychology.
Office-specific Laughter Therapy workshop  (1 hour).

Time & Location

At your workplace
Victoria/Interstate/International, Victoria, Australia

About the Event

Laughter bombards the body with good energy, especially the brain, it improves efficiency, mental focus and concentration. Laughter as a daily practice creates a new habit of positive living, ability to manage obstacles, achieve goals, and balance work life. It is highly practical and easy to implement and integrate into daily work/life seamlessly.

  • Makes you feel so good, so well & so alive
  • Gives you a natural high naturally
  • Fun aerobic laughter exercise with happy breathing activities
  • Helps reduce anxiety & mood disorders
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Ramps up your joy & happiness meter
  • Dials up your energy
  • Great Tool to Manage Stress both Mental and Physical
  • Understand the Reality of the Power of Laugher for Resilience & Productivity
  • Great cardiovascular workout
  • Works out the muscular system
  • Take home an arsenal of exercise laughter to use anytime anywhere for health and happiness .

Join the workshop and learn to how to laugh unconditionally, without any jokes, humour or comedy.

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