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Yogic Pranayama Breath Workshop

Breathing optimally is pivotal to effective workplace performance & productivity. It is important to fuel the body and brain through the day and use as breath snacks every thirty minutes for workplace wellness.
Yogic Pranayama Breath Workshop

Time & Location

At your workplace
Victoria/Interstate/International, Victoria, Australia

About the Event

Options: (1) One hour preview Workplace Breath Workshop (2) 5 x 45 min. sessions.

You breathe every second of your life. Have you ever stopped to wonder if you were breathing the right way?

Yoga breathing techniques offer numerous benefits in addition to de-stressing the body:

  • makes more oxygen available to the brain & body
  • power the brain and rekindle the mind
  • improve stamina and vitality
  • regulate sleep
  • keep both sides of the brain in balance
  • release acute or chronic tension
  • help rid the body of pain and aches
  • gives the internal organs especially the heart and lungs a gentle massage
  • strengthen the cardiovascular system, respiratory system and inter-costal muscles and stimulate the nervous system
  • help reduce anxiety and mental stress and restore calm and inner peace
  • helps detoxification by expelling toxins and increase the quantity and quality of red blood cells and oxygenate the entire human body.

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