Why detox?

Staying healthy In a toxic world

When toxicity in our body increases above unhealthy levels & chronic in nature, our detoxification system can no longer  cope and the body is overwhelmed, screaming for help. Our body simply can’t evolve fast enough to process these modern day toxic phenomena. 

The undisciplined lifestyles that many people lead today has led to poor health, which manifests itself in different ways. City dwellers live in a polluted and stressful environment, challenging our health. When we lose the ability to handle these challenges in a holistic way and when they are not adequately addressed, dis-ease develop leading to diseases mental or physical in nature.

Regular detoxification is not just important; it is absolutely critical for good health. Our DD program is designed to neutralize and naturalise unhealthy physical, emotional, environmental toxins and systemic by-products from the chemical processes that keep us alive.

How does Physical & Mental Detox work?

Toxins are eliminated through a variety of methods, one of which is using ancient Ayurvedic treatments, which have been practised for natural detoxification for thousands of years.

Through treatment, the body’s ability to cleanse and repair itself improves. Essential nutrients for healing damaged tissues are provided, and all of the systems of the body are better able to work harmoniously together. Long-term strategies to prevent ‘re-toxing’ are introduced. The body and mind techniques are used to cleanse and refresh the body, leading to improved health. This is done in Kerala, India.